The Potter’s House high school students/parents made Dutch apple pies on Saturday to earn money for the annual Mexico Mission trip and the Senior Trip.  They made 510 pies!  The students got busy selling, and during their Thanksgiving lunch today, amidst the long line of tables and crockpots, the students tasted sweet success!
The top Dutch apple pie seller, Lydia Hart, was awarded the honor of throwing a cream pie in the face of The Potter’s House High School Principal, Dr. Peter VandeBrake. Runner up was Dylan Worst. He completely creamed the Dean of Students, Mr. Alf Clark. Last, but not least, our 3rd place winner, Logan Hausler, was given the opportunity to choose a teacher to cream. That last minute teacher reveal kicked the already buzzing room to a fever pitch of teenage thrill and anticipation as Mr. Miles Colago, their high school english teacher, walked to the front of the gym and joined Dr. VandeBrake and Mr. Clark!
This is what success looks like…when you are in high school…and you sell a lot of pies….so you can go on a mission trip…and class trip! We are proud of all our students. We are proud of our high school leadership! Success like this is very sweet indeed.