image1Abbie and Elijah Cox have attended The Potter’s House school since pre-kindergarten, after their parents discovered the school through a Potter’s House high school parent.

“We appreciate the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity,” said their father, Shane Cox. “I see it in the children as they exit the school each day. I see it in the kids on the bleachers during middle school discipleship. I’m in awe of the diversity of backgrounds and families.”

“I value the fact that my kids are with teachers that genuinely care about them, and they love Jesus above all,” said their mother, Heather Cox.

Abbie and Elijah come home talking about what they learned. Then their parents watch them implement their lessons.

“I think discipleship at this school has been a big part of my kids’ lives,” Heather said. “They understand ministry and having compassion for people.”

The diversity and Christ-centeredness were of utmost importance to the Coxes when choosing a school for their children. Yet they knew they couldn’t manage tuition for Elijah and Abbie between seminary loans and ministry start-up costs.

“We realized private education would be expensive,” said Shane, “but when we heard how much we would have to pay for tuition, we were blown away by the idea that we could afford to have our kids be a part of this school.”

In 2009, Shane had just graduated from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and he and Heather prayed about what God wanted them to do next. They felt God’s call to simply invite their neighbors into their apartmIMG_7476ent at Franklin and Division. Over time, the fellowship of neighbors became a community of faith, and they began meeting in a studio space on Division Avenue in the Heartside district under the name Take Hold.

“There’s a common thread between this school’s mission and the mission of our faith community,” Shane said. “We wanted to develop a small church that would have the same mindset that we’re all equal in the sight of the Lord. It doesn’t matter your background or the color of your skin. We’re all one in Christ Jesus. We wanted to give our children a well-rounded education where they were exposed to different cultures and people.”

Heather and Shane are grateful for the opportunity The Potter’s House provides for their kids to have an education that works hand-in-hand with the kingdom focus they are trying to instill at home and through Take Hold church.

“I just want to stress our thankfulness for the blessing this school has been to our family,” Shane said. “There’s no other way our children could have an experience like this.”