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“What makes us unique?”

Forming Solid Disciples of Jesus Christ

High Academic Achievement:
College Prep and Beyond*

Small School Model
Loving, Caring Teachers
Mentoring Program Connecting Students and Community

Creating Genuine Community in a Culturally Diverse Setting
Equipping each student with Cross-cultural Skills for a Global World
Modeling and Building the Kingdom

Global Education:
Mission Trips
Global Connectivity (Speakers from all over the world; live and by live-feed)
Economic Literacy

Leadership Training:
Mission Trips
Leadership Series
Quality Sports Program
Service Learning
“Character Across the Curriculum”†

*By “Beyond,” we mean the following: We believe each of the students at TPHHS is uniquely gifted by God with specific talents that He will use to change the world for the better. Some schools aim their educational programs at college and career preparation for economic success. We want to aim even higher than this. In addition to equipping our students for economic success, we want to train leaders, godly people of impeccable character, who will use their gifts to make a positive difference for Christ in their families, work places, neighborhoods, and community. We want to train professionals who are change agents and thinkers; people who passionately glorify God in the world, who use their talents to bring His kingdom to the workplace.

† Character Across the Curriculum: Cross-curricular program of character formation based on the seven classical virtues (Justice, Fortitude, Temperance, Prudence, Faith, Hope, and Love).

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