Addressing the needs of the whole child.

Spiritual Development

  • Discipleship—training disciples of Jesus equipped to grow in their faith and impact their community.
  • Prayer—students spend time in prayer in many settings and through many different styles. Time in prayer is more than a learning experience—it becomes a time of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication on behalf of classmates and the community at large.
  • Worship—diverse worship styles can be seen daily in the classroom and several times weekly during Family Worship (chapel) as students gather to praise God and learn from His word.
  • Character development—teachers intentionally weave classic character principals throughout curriculum and class time in order to help students live out biblical principals on a daily basis.

School Culture

  • Attentive Engaged Learning—Positive learning is experienced all day long. Teachers are pro-active in using time wisely with the goal of having students engaged in learning the whole day through.
  • Peaceful atmosphere—the first thing everyone notices as they walk through our halls is how peaceful it is. This is intentional on our part and starts the moment students step through the doors each morning
  • Hospitality–Greeted by name and handshake from the superintendent every morning, helps each student start the day right and reminds them that they are valued. They are taught to extend the same warmth to classmates and visitors.
  • Consistent Classroom Management and Discipline—at various grade levels, teachers have a systematic system that they use which are rooted in scripture. The systems teach conflict resolution, encourages positive behavior, and helps students give of their best throughout the day.


  • High academic standards—students take standardized tests two to three times a year to gauge student progress and inform classroom instruction. We are committed to learning and understanding the academic needs of each student and providing a program that will include a variety of cultural backgrounds and student learning styles.
  • Christ-centered
  • In addition to general core curriculum, we provide Spanish, Music, Creative Arts, Physical Education, and Technology programs beginning in kindergarten.