When we are small, we all naturally look up to someone or something. We admire beauty and accomplishment, strength and humility. Here at The Potter’s House, our intention is to inspire our younger students to envision themselves as graduates, as future compassionate world changers. Ultimately, the goal is that they would grow to love and be like Jesus.

This year, The Potter’s House began a new tradition. On graduation morning, our seniors came to the Elementary/Middle school to walk through the hallways. They found themselves celebrated by rows of smiles and cheering students. It was especially touching to notice that many of our seniors walked in front of sisters, brothers, cousins, and children of family friends, waving and eager to give high-fives. This moving procession was joy filled and gave our youngsters a vision of their own futures.

The entire 2016 class graduated this year. This is no small achievement. In our local schools today there is little over a 50% chance that a student like ours will make it to graduation. In a world where heroes can be a bit challenging to find, we are proud that The Potter’s House staff and graduating students can be living examples, worthy of emulation.

Thank you to all of you who support The Potter’s House. You are also heroes. Our hope is that our alumni will follow YOUR example and be anxious to pour themselves into their future neighbor’s lives and communities.

A huge “Thank You!” to Rudy Malmquist (TPH Parent), for these fantastic photos of our procession!

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