Mission Statement

In English

The Potter’s House provides a Christ-centered education to children of all ethnic heritages and income levels, equipping them to serve God and society to their fullest potential.

En Español

The Potter’s House provee una educación Cristo-céntrica para niños de diversas herencias, culturales y niveles económicos, preparándolos para servir al Señor y a la sociedad con todo su ser.


Vision Statement

The Potter’s House offers an excellent academic program
in an urban environment.

Rooted in Biblical principles and values, The Potter’s House encourages students to reach their full potential by maintaining a healthy spiritual, physical, social, and emotional life. The Potter’s House challenges students and their families to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Potter’s House promotes unity and reconciliation in the Roosevelt Park Community.


Core Values

  • We are a Christ-centered school, birthed in prayer and rooted in Scripture.
  • We are committed to harmony among staff, parents, and students, united in prayer.
  • We are committed to discipleship, students of Jesus teaching younger believers.
  • We are committed to academic excellence, emphasizing the love of reading as a catalyst for life-long learning.
  • We invest in school families, focusing on strengthening low-income, urban families through education and academic support.
  • We are committed to ethnic diversity among students and staff because we believe God’s Kingdom is most fully expressed when every tongue, tribe and nation praise Him as one voice.
  • We are committed to the Roosevelt Park neighborhood and the greater community of Grand Rapids, working together with neighbors, non-profit organizations and businesses to encourage reconciliation and holistic success.


NOTE: The Potter’s House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nondiscriminatory organization. Our mission statement clearly states that we serve children of all ethnic heritages and income levels.