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The Potter’s House provides a Christ-centered education to children of all ethnic heritages and income levels, equipping them to serve God and society to their fullest potential.

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  What makes a mission effective? Many organizations have sprung up and withered away through the years, even though they were dedicated to a wonderful goal. What makes an organization stick through tough finances, leadership challenges, or client crises? Every...

Token of Thanks

I received a thank you note from a student’s mother at the end of last school year with two gifts taped inside: a bag of green tea and a tea light candle. Her son had just completed his first year at The Potter’s House. Here is what she said (names changed to protect...

Hometown Mission Field

As I walked through the hallway full of SpringHill Day Camp counselors and students shouting chants about going down to the river and singing “Frozen” songs at the top of their lungs, I had to restrain every fiber of my being from reminding students to walk in a...

A Place to Serve

“I admire the school and the people who make it work.” Volunteer, Wallace Murphy Retired art teacher and principal of Godwin Public Schools, Wallace Murphy, began volunteering at The Potter’s House school over two years ago. He and his wife Verlaine were invited by...

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How to Teach Research to Eight-Year-Olds

Second and third grade students at The Potter’s House stood still for an hour on Friday, March 28. Wondering how teachers managed this? Students shared the culmination of their “Famous Person” research project with staff and families by posing for a wax museum. Guests toured the three classrooms-turned-exhibit-halls with informational posters and wax-like students representing historic persons. Leaders such as Teddy Roosevelt, activists like Harriet Tubman, and personalities such as Jackie Robinson were featured throughout the halls.


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